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Our History

On April 1, 1917, Trinity Bag and Paper Company was established at 105 Hudson Street in New York City. For three years the founders of Trinity operated as mill agents and distributors of paper products. By 1920, Trinity's early success enabled them to begin operations as a converter and manufacturer of paper bags and sacks under the name Terminal Paper Bag Co. In that same year Trinity moved its headquarters to 25 West 43rd Street (home of the New Yorker magazine).

By the 1930's the use of kraft grocery sacks was growing tremendously, and Trinity was positioned to grow along with the supermarket industry. Trinity's major customer at this time was the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, and A&P dominated the grocery retail market.

Expansion led Trinity south to both Louisiana and Alabama for manufacturing, and in 1953 Trinity consolidated these two plants into a newly-built facility in Yulee, Florida. In 1959 Trinity purchased a facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey; and after two expansions by 1978 it had grown to be 250,000 square feet. In that same year Trinity moved to its third headquarters at 529 Fifth Avenue in New York City. During this time Trinity also established another manufacturing location in Plainfield, Illinois. Trinity's manufacturing facilities now totaled over 900,000 square feet.

In 1979, Trinity entered into the plastics market as foresight predicted that the plastic "T-sack" would challenge the traditional paper sack. The need for a complete plastics plant became obvious by the early 1980s, and the purchase of PCL Packaging of Remington, Virginia was completed. In 1981 the board voted to change the name of the company from Trinity Bag and Paper to Trinity Paper and Plastics. With the additions of plants in Richmond, Virginia and Terrell, Texas, Trinity's plants were now strategically located to meet all of its customer's needs.

In 1985 Trinity moved its headquarters to 555 Fifth Avenue and established the Lewistown, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility for plastics. In 1988 Trinity decided to sell its paper operations to Stone Container Corporation, retaining only the Pennsylvania and Virginia plastics locations. Re-established as Trinity Packaging Corporation with its corporate headquarters in Armonk, New York, Trinity continued to service the supermarket industry with carry-out bags and private label products.

Throughout the 1990's Trinity expanded its plastics product offerings to include retail store bags, mailing envelopes, food service bags and lawn and garden bags. With the opening of a manufacturing facility in Rocky Mount, VA, the purchase of PCL Packaging of Pueblo, Colorado, and its newest acquisition of the former Erath Veneer plant in Virginia, Trinity’s four domestic plants made them the leader in flexible plastics products for the entire North American market. In 2012, Trinity purchased Cello-Pak Corporation of Buffalo, NY adding an array of new capabilities and additional capacity.

Today, Trinity’s products are sold globally and include flexible films for a variety of industries including lawn & garden, consumer & home goods, dry food & snacks, pet care and all other industrially packaged products in both small and large formats.